4 Souvenirs to Bring Back from Grand Cayman

What should I buy during my vacation at Coral Sands Resort?

Though the Cayman Islands may be known for breathtaking scenery, epic dive spots, and lucrative offshore banking opportunities, the island chain is also a highly sought-after shopping destination, particularly for Americans and Europeans looking to save money on luxury items. With many products qualifying as duty-free, or tax-free, shoppers can save big bucks when browsing the wares of Grand Cayman. Read ahead to discover the five souvenirs we think you should pick up during your Coral Sands Resort vacation.

1. An antique artifact

The Cayman Islands have a history filled with pirates, shipwrecks, and conquest, so you’ll find plenty of opportunities to find artifact souvenirs during your stay at Coral Sands Resort. Whether you choose to embark on a diving adventure to find your own sunken treasure or purchase historic coins and plunder in one of the many local shops, you’ll definitely want to bring home a piece of Caribbean history from your Grand Cayman getaway. Visit the store Artifacts for a range of antique items, including maps and jewelry.

2. Locally-crafted goods

Visit Pure Art Gallery & Gifts or the Bodden Town Art Shop to find local artisanal goods. Shop for hand-crafted jewelry, endless local artwork, home décor, seashells and much more. Take home your own little slice of the islands so you can relive the magical memories of your vacation over and over until you return!

3. Caymanite

Caymanite is a rare, unique gemstone native to the Cayman Islands and found in the Miocene Cayman formation, on the East End of Grand Cayman and along the Bluff in Cayman Brac. Caymanite was formed millions of years ago, the result of the volcanic eruptions that initially created the island. Layers of volcanic ash helped to create rock formations with contrasting layers of color, including variations of brown, yellow, and white. Throughout the island, you’ll find opportunities to purchase Caymanite products, from earrings to necklaces to pendants and more.

4. Designer Items

As mentioned above, since retail shopping in Grand Cayman requires no sales tax, your Coral Sands Resort vacation offers the perfect chance to do some luxury shopping at a discounted rate. The island features boutique and outlet shopping that offer high-end bags, fine china, and couture clothing, all of which may carry high price tags. However, with no tax required, shoppers can look forward to saving up to 30% of what they would pay back home for the same products.

Shopping in Grand Cayman

No matter what kind of souvenir you prefer, you’re sure to find something special during your stay in the Cayman Islands. From locally-made items to antique relics and shipwreck treasure, there’s something for everyone when you shop in Grand Cayman. Take advantage of duty-free sales and bring home the souvenir that will remind you of your stunning Caribbean vacation throughout the year!