5 Attractions You Won’t Want to Miss in Grand Cayman

What should I do during my Grand Cayman vacation?

Grand Cayman may only comprise an area of about 75 square miles, but the stunning island is filled with unforgettable attractions and activities sure to impress every member of your travel group. From interacting with marine life to exploring the history and culture of this Caribbean island gem, a variety of intriguing experiences await at every turn. Read on to discover a few of our favorite attractions you won’t want to miss in Grand Cayman.

1. Cayman Crystal Caves

Located in Old Man Bay in North Side on Grand Cayman, the Cayman Crystal Caves provide a breathtaking glimpse into a natural phenomena millions of years in the making. Over time, as sea levels have fallen, rain dripped into the limestone cave ceilings, causing the formation of crystal stalactites and stalagmites, which dominate the caves’ interiors and set the stage for a magical experience. The caves are steeped in history, with fossilized shells and animal remains found throughout. The caves were also once home to Caribbean pirates, who used the caves for shelter and hideouts. Be sure to take a tour of the Cayman Crystal Caves during your Coral Sands Resort vacation.

2. Cayman Islands National Museum

Set in the Old Courts building in George Town, Grand Cayman, the Cayman Islands National Museum was opened in 1990, but its story dates back much farther. In the 1930s, resident Ira Thompson started his collection of Caymanian artifacts, and this hobby eventually morphed into the impressive museum collection on display today. With more than 8,000 items and artifacts, the museum offers visitors a glimpse back through the history of the island. Exhibits include a Natural History Gallery, Cultural History Gallery, Old Gaol (Jail), Cayman Airways: Celebrating 50 Years, 60 Years of the Cayman Coat of Arms, and a temporary exhibit called Alvin McLaughlin: Steeped in Tradition, which celebrates the social history and heritage of the island. The museum offers visitors the chance to learn more about the history and culture of this Caribbean gem.

3. Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park

On the eastern edge of Grand Cayman’s North Side lies the incomparable Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park. Spanning 65 acres, the park features a staggering array of plant and animal life, with specific sections set aside for different habitats. The three main sections of the park include the Visitor’s Centre, the Floral Garden, and the Heritage Garden. The Visitor’s Centre is modeled after historic Caribbean architecture and features a gift shop and café. The Floral Garden features a colorful array of sub-tropical plant species, including Anderson Crepe Hibiscus and pink roses. The Heritage Garden includes a 20th Century wooden cottage that serves as a displayed representation of life in traditional Caymanian culture. Observable animals include a variety of native birds, as well as the endangered Grand Cayman Blue Iguana. The botanic park is only 18 miles away from your vacation home away from home at Coral Sands Resort, so be sure to save some room in your schedule to roam these lovely grounds.

4. Pedro St. James Castle

History lovers will relish visiting the oldest existing building in the Cayman Islands, Pedro St. James Castle. The manor was the plantation home of William Eden, and the main building also served as a meeting point for the first elected parliament in the Cayman Islands in 1831. Four years later in 1835, the Slavery Abolition Act was read on the grounds. The estate has undergone renovations in the last few decades and currently houses a visitors’ center, theater, historic exhibits, a gift shop, and a café. Visitors are encouraged to take a guided tour of the premises. Finish your tour with a rum tasting before heading off to your next scheduled attraction during your stay on Grand Cayman.

5. National Gallery of the Cayman Islands

The National Gallery of the Cayman Islands was established in 1996 to promote the appreciation and practice of visual arts in the Cayman Islands. Spend time exploring the Exhibition Halls, which feature temporary and fixed exhibits that celebrate the culture and community of Grand Cayman. Stroll among the beautiful Sculpture Gardens, which feature landscape designs by renowned designers Margaret Barwick and Alexander Uruquhart. Grab a bite to eat at The Art Café before browsing the Gift Shop for Caymanian art, fine craft items, jewelry, and more. Enjoy an artsy excursion to the National Gallery while you visit Coral Sands.

Best Attractions on Grand Cayman

No matter which attractions you choose to visit during your Coral Sands Resort vacation, you’re sure to make unforgettable memories to take back home with you. From exploring the history and culture of the island to gaining a deeper understanding of the island’s plant and animal diversity, a fabulous time awaits no matter where you turn.