5 Cayman Island Dive Sites You Have to Check Out

Where should I go diving in the Cayman Islands?

The Cayman Islands are known around the world for beautiful island scenery and diverse animal habitats, but the Caribbean island chain is also renowned for its underwater landscapes, brimming with vibrant biodiversity. From natural reefs to shipwrecks, there are dozens of dive sites to explore during your stay at Coral Sands Resort.

1. Kittiwake

In 2011, a former American rescue submarine called the Kittiwake was scuttled off the coast of Grand Cayman’s Seven Mile Beach, creating an artificial reef. In the years since, the sunken vessel has served as a prime dive site for scuba divers, who can explore the iconic submarine and the marine life that now calls the sub home. The observable marine life here includes peppermint and coral shrimp, arrowhead crabs, fire worms, garden eels, barracuda, turtles, stingrays, and much more. The wreckage is found 60 feet below the surface, and it only costs $10 to dive per visit.

2. Trinity Caves

Located on the west side of Grand Cayman, divers will delight in the intricate dive site known as Trinity Caves. This network of tunnels provides diving opportunities for all skill levels, and it is one of the most unforgettable diving experiences available in the Cayman Islands. Explore the winding coral grottoes, where you have the chance to observe animals such as crabs, lobsters, rays, eels, turtles, and grouper.

3. Stingray City

One of the Cayman Islands’ most popular attractions is Stingray City, a mecca for divers looking to get an up-close-and-personal experience with the majestic stingrays that call this region home. Stingray City tours range from three to five hours and allow visitors to feed, swim alongside, and take pictures with these beautiful marine animals. Visitors can also swim with turtles and fish in Stingray City’s lagoon swim activity.

4. Oro Verde Shipwreck

Like the Kittiwake, the Oro Verde was originally an American vessel that now serves as an artificial reef in the waters off Grand Cayman. Though the ship began as an army transport ship, the ship was recommissioned as a banana boat in the 1960s and 1970s, transporting bananas from Ecuador to Miami. The ship ran aground in 1976 after a reported mutiny and in 1980 was pulled into shallower waters just 60 feet off the shore of Seven Mile Beach. Divers can expect to observe crabs, eels, lobsters, rays, and turtles who hide along the soft coral. This spot is also popular for night dives, when you may also spy an elusive octopus or two.

5. Cheeseburger Reef

Situated in the waters of George Town and just minutes from Coral Sands Resort, Cheeseburger Reef is a conveniently-located snorkel and diving site off the coast of Grand Cayman. One of the most popular and iconic dive sites in the Cayman Islands, Cheeseburger Reef is best for strong swimmers, as the reef is about 20 yards offshore.

The Bottom Line

Grand Cayman and the other Cayman Islands offer exquisite diving and snorkeling opportunities. From shipwrecks and other artificial reefs to natural coral formations, divers will delight in the vibrant biodiversity observable beneath the waves. During your stay at Coral Sands Resort, venture out and dive into the clear blue waters of the Caribbean and get up-close-and-personal with the plants and animals native to the area.